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Blue Mountain Water has developed partnerships with Zip water boilers and Instanta water boilers over the past 8 years. Our Engineers are fully qualified and trained by Zip and Instanta to install, service and maintain Instanta Water Boilers and Zip Water Heaters. We have a wide range of hot & cold water boilers ideal to fit into any environment from schools and offices to universities.

Rest assured that our water boiler rental prices can’t be beaten as we have a price match promise covering our entire range of boilers for rental so if you do find it cheaper we will match it.

Blue Mountain Water has been supplying offices, schools and businesses with fresh spring water, coolers and boilers since 1989 and is one of the UK’s leading water cooler companies.

The company has built up a reputation for excellent customer service with a personal approach.

As an independent company, all our staff ensures a personal commitment to the level of service they provide to each customer.

We are based centrally in the United Kingdom and are confident that we will be able to look after all of your water boiler rental requirements.

No need to wait for Kettle to boil

Instant hot and energy efficient boilers

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To find out more about Instanta and Zip water boilers rental, purchase and maintenance please call us on 0800 071 0010 or use the enquiry form below.

Instanta Water Boiler Rental

Instanta are a British manufacturer that has been making boilers in Southport, Merseyside since 1957. Throughout this time there objective has been to produce top quality, innovative products that offer real value for money and deliver unrivalled reliability. All aspects of their manufacture are carried out in Southport, which include; design and product development (2 & 3D CAD), manufacture of metal fabrication, welding, assembly, testing & inspection, packing and despatch.

By buying Instanta products you get the care and attention you deserve from a long established UK manufacturer, something that can be lacking from imported products from foreign manufacturers.


There electronics are also designed and manufactured in Southport, giving them control of the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, which they believe makes themselves unique and gives them total control over the consistency and quality of their products. Robust and durable. Built and engineered for the commercial environment. High grade components and stainless steel used throughout the product range and there custom-designed micro-electronics which are the most advanced to be found on any comparable product.

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Zip Water Boiler Rental

A simple way to get the latest Zip commercial filtered water systems direct to your business. With no upfront cash outlay, the cost of equipment and upkeep is conveniently spread over the term of the contract. You get the equipment you want today, with total peace of mind knowing that all service and maintenance is taken care of. It’s that simple…

Our rental plan offers you the opportunity to rent our world leading products supported by a comprehensive installation and maintenance package carried out by our own Technicians. It also provides end of term options to ensure that your equipment keeps pace with the latest technological advancements.

Our range of boilers available for rental