Water Cooler Support

Key steps to ensure your cooler is running at its optimum performance:

  • Keep your cooler plugged in at all times.
  • Ensure the cooler is at least 6 inches away from any walls or furniture.
  • Make sure that the cold thermostat is turned to the preferred temperature.
  • Do not place the cooler in direct sunlight.
  • Empty out and clean the drip tray daily.
  • Be careful when lifting new bottles: remove all traces of the hygiene tab and gently position the bottle vertically on the cooler.
  • After around 10 cups please allow for the cooler to chill or reheat.
  • Keep bottles in a rack to prevent cluttering of the office and to assist in lifting of the bottles.
  • Plumbed in cooler safety shut-off valves are located at the back of each plumbed-in water cooler.
water coolers collage

If you require any support, please call our customer service team on 0800 071 0010 or email us.

The team here at Blue Mountain Water, would like to  make life easier for our customers so we have complied a list of common minor faults which can be dealt with within a couple of minutes; If at any point you do not feel comfortable in performing these small tasks, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0800 071 0010  who will be willing to help guide you through each step or book a call-out with one of our EDWCA trained engineers.

Troubleshooting Guide:

The water from the chilled tap is warm:

  • Check the cooler is plugged-in and switched on at the wall.
  • If the cooler has recently been used extensively, leave the cooler to re-chill for a minimum of 15 mins.
  • Check with another electrical item the socket is fully functioning, if it works then the fuse on the cooler may need replacing.
  • Ensure the thermostat on the back of the cooler is set at the required temperature

Water is appearing on the floor:

  • Check to see if the drip-tray requires emptying and has not over-flowed, this can often mis-lead customers into thinking there is a leak form their cooler
  • Check to see if the bottle could be cracked or if there are any signs of a leak from the bottle itself.
  • If so, remove the bottle from the cooler- place in an area where the leak will not cause any damage and we will replace the bottle free of charge on the next delivery.

No water flows from the tap:

  • Replace the bottle if empty
  • There may be an air blockage, Lift the bottle off the cooler and place it back on to the cooler. Perform this procedure 2 or 3 times. Ensure that there are cups positioned on the cup station and open both taps.

The cooler is making a funny noise:

  • Some coolers make a slight hum, this is perfectly normal especially when heating or chilling. The noise should eventually cease when the cooler reaches the optimum temperature.

Water from the hot-tap is not hot:

  • Follow the guidance steps for checking if there is an electricity supply to the cooler
  • Ensure the switch on the back of the cooler is turned on (switches can only be found on certain models of the coolers).

The taste of the water is odd:

  • Give the cooler chance to chill or heat to it’s required temperature.
  • If the cooler has recently been sanitized, there may be a slight change in the taste of the water due to this action. This is not harmful just simply flush some water through the taps or wait for a short while.

There is a smell coming from my cooler:

  • This is most very likely the drip-tray- the drip-tray requires emptying and cleaning on a regular basis to avoid such odors.

Why is a plastic cap or sticker floating in the bottle?

  • Unfortunately the self-sealing valve has come loose for the cap, There is no immediate action required- this will not contaminate or effect the quality of the water in any way.
  • While the bottle sits on the cooler it is sealed within the probe mechanism, DO NOT remove the bottle until it is completely empty or the water will fall freely form the bottle creating a flood. If however the protective tab was not removed before the bottle was placed on the cooler and has come away into the bottle you must immediately cease using the cooler and inform the customer services team on 0800 071 0010 who will arrange an immediate sanitation.