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Taste filter replacement and sanitisation

Genuine parts and labour

Safety and system check

Unlimited call outs

Biannually inspection

Pre-scheduled planned services

System replacement and refrigeration guarantee

Limescale management

Avoid expensive replacements

Prevent damage from scale with Blue Mountain Waters boiler servicing.

Manufacturers strongly recommend that you take steps to prevent the damage that can be caused by scale and if you don’t then you will experience some the following problems:

  • Blocked internal fittings
  • Insulate water & temperature sensors
  • Causes heating elements to fail
  • It will shorten the life of your boiler
  • Invalidate your guarantee
drinking boiler maintenance

Zip and Billi products are inherently reliable and covered by comprehensive on site parts and labour warranties. To support these guarantees and provide comprehensive service support packages ranging from out of warranty repair to comprehensive maintenance programmes, Blue Mountain Water has one of the largest teams of directly employed Engineers in the UK focused solely on boiling water, chilled water and commercial water heating products.

Blue Mountain Water is committed to Customer Satisfaction and offers support and advice to End Users alike. Whether the query relates to the specification, installation or use of our products, the Blue Mountain Water Technical Advice Team is just a phone call away.

If you are interested in Zip Hydrotap or Billi maintenance, installation or rental services, please give us a call on 0800 071 0010.

We also have our dedicated Zip Service & Maintenance website which you can visit by clicking here.


Product Range

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The next generation of instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered tap water.

  • Innovative tap design and functionality
  • One tap that does it all
  • Zip MicroPurity filtration delivers the purest-tasting tap water
  • Highest standards in environment responsibility and credentials

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Start making a difference in your workplace with the innovative drinking water solution from instanta.

  • Designed and engineered for the commercial environment
  • High-grade components, stainless steel
  • Tested for electrical safety compliance

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Enjoy boiling, chilled and sparkling water in an instant.

  • Billi understand the value of space, so we don’t use too much
  • 40% saving with Billi heat exchange technology
  • We go beyond water and energy saving

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To find out more about Zip, Billi or Instanta service & maintenance, please call us on 0800 071 0010 or use the enquiry form below.