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Water Coolers, Drinking Fountains & Drinking Water Boilers for Schools, Colleges and Universities

For over 20 years Blue Mountain Water has been one of the leading water cooler and boiler suppliers for schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK, with our main base located in Birmingham we are in the perfect central location in the UK.

While using the state of the art water cooling and heating technology available on the market we can provide the very coldest to the very hottest water coolers and dispensers, from discrete under counter boilers with taps, to freestanding standalone machines. We understand that schools, colleges and universities require unique water dispenser solutions so we work closely with you onsite to make sure everything is perfect. Book your free site survey today by filling in the following form or by calling us on 0800 071 0010.

Our range of coolers for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Mains Fed Water Coolers

Eco-friendly freestanding and countertop dispensers with unrivalled purity and taste.

  • COVID-secure purification
  • World’s most certified machines
  • Reduce single-use plastic

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Bottled Water Coolers

Flexible, sustainable and naturally sourced options for areas with no access to mains water.

  • Naturally sourced spring water
  • Bottles are re-used and eco-friendly
  • Perfect for temporary workplaces

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Heavy Duty Water Dispensers

High capacity and durable water dispensers perfect for high-use environments.

  • Perfect for high water demand
  • Reduce single-use plastic waste
  • Sparkling & chilled options available

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Water Fountains

Hygienic and environmentally friendly solutions for users to stay hydrated.

  • UV sterilisation purifies water
  • Touchless dispense options
  • Made from high quality durable materials

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Book your free site survey today by filling in the form below or by calling us on 0800 071 0010

We also work very close with our sister companys Litelite and Onefruit who provide schools, colleges and universities with the new advanced low energy retrofit LED lighting and washroom services like the new Dyson and child friendly Mitsubishi Jet Towel hand dryers which are all available for free trials. To find out more you can call them on 0800 032 5615 or visit the following websites:

lite lite monitor