As part of our on-going commitment to the environment we have gained ISO 14001 accreditation, this certifies our ambition and initiatives as reducing Blue Mountain Waters impact on environment. Some of our current initiatives include;

  • Supporting the plant-a-tree Campaign
  • Supporting the save-a-cup campaign
  • Promoting the use of reusable swing-top glass bottles
  • Promoting plumbed in water cooler as a replacement to bottled water coolers
  • Promoting greener water coolers and technology that switch off at night and use less energy
  • Recycle or re-use water coolers, components and water containers
  • Only supply recyclable cups


Managing Director of Blue mountain Water stated:

Planting trees not only benefits the environment by helping companies reduce the impact of thier carbon emissions, but it also builds awareness and develops The National Forest, creating a healthy, attractive local environment for relaxing and enjoying leisure activities”

The National Forest is a symbol of hope for the nation.

It is also very much a child of its time. It reflects the growing awareness of our need to protect and cherish our environment, our desire to pass it on undamaged and even enhanced for future generations.

Each year hundreds of people, from all across the country, help by planting a tree. They know their tree will be part of a forest that is absorbing carbon and reducing the impact of climate change.

They know that thier tree will be part of a forest is absorbing carbon and reducing the impact of climate change. They know that their forest is a place of beauty for people of all ages to enjoy.

It is meaningful and hugely enjoyable thing to do. Every year The National Forest grows because of you.

The best bit is, unlike other schemes, you actually get the chance to get your hands dirty and plant a tree yourself.

Appealing to all ages, its inspiring to be part of a forest in the making.