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Water Cooler Rental

At Blue Mountain Water we make a commitment to every customer to deliver the best possible water cooler rental service…

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Drinking Water Boiler Rental

Blue Mountain Water has developed partnerships with Zip water boilers and Instanta water boilers over the past 8 years…

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Water Boiler Maintenance

Prevent damage from scale with Blue Mountain Waters boiler servicing. Contact us directly for any maintenance issues…

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Sanitisation & Filtration Service

Blue Mountain Water Ltd sanitisation and filtration service ensures that your water coolers are safe to drink from…

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Our Extensive Product Range

From freestanding, countertop and instant hot water taps to bottled water coolers, mains fed water coolers, boilers, filling stations and fountains. We have the ideal fit for your business.

Mains Fed Water Coolers

Plumbed directly into the main water supply – often more economic to run as they use mains water.

  • Convenient Water Supply
  • Convenient Maintenance
  • Taste & Smells Better

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Bottled Water Coolers

Easy to set up and suitable for all environments; our bottled water coolers are a convenient & cost-effective option to keep you hydrated.

  • Great taste and added nutrients
  • Bottles are re-used and eco-friendly
  • Can easily be stored

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Water Fountains

Pure, delicious water at convenient locations in your office for a cost effective price.

  • UV sterilisation purifies water
  • Touchless dispense options
  • Cost effective

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Instant hot & cold taps

Zip Water is renowned for its pure tasting instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water on tap.

  • Convenient – Provides hot water instantly
  • Saves water and energy
  • Safe to use

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Our COVID-secure drinking water solutions provide safe and easy to access, pure drinking water to you and your staff.

  • Hands-free operation – zero contact required to dispense water
  • Eliminate harmful pathogens at the point of dispense
  • UV sterlisation and filtration giving you the purest drinking water

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Water Boilers

Instant boiling water in your office – cut down on wasted time waiting for the kettle to boil.

  • Boiling water in an instant
  • Easy to clean stainless steel
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Provides large quantities of hot water

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Heavy Duty Water Dispensers

High capacity and durable water dispensers perfect for high-use environments.

  • Perfect when lots of cold water is needed
  • Reduce single-use plastic waste
  • Sparkling and chilled options available

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We offer a range of water cooler accessories including:

  • Bottle Racks
  • Recyclable cups
  • Mats
  • Bottle covers
  • Water bottles
  • And many other cooler accessories

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Benefits of contactless water solutions

  • Hygiene – Eliminate all touch points and and reduces the spread of germs and bacteria
  • Ease of use. Hands-free operation is easy. It is. No other explanation is needed!
  • Disability-friendly, ensuring that everyone can access it
  • Lower maintenance. Contactless bottle fillers aren’t being regularly touched, grime build-up tends not to happen.
  • Less likely to go wrong – Users are careless. So, machines need to be repaired. That’s not an issue in sensor operated water dispensers
  • Cost effective – Automatic cut off, resulting in less energy waste
  • And more…

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The NEW Zip HydroTap Touch Free Wave

Blue Mountain Water Coolers

Blue Mountain Water has been established since 1989 and is one of the UK’s leading water cooler companies.

The company has built up a reputation for excellent customer service with a personal approach.

All our water is sourced from The National Forest in Leicestershire to guarantee premium quality water.

As an independent water cooler company, all our staff ensures a personal commitment to the level of service they provide to each customer.

We are based centrally in the United Kingdom and are confident that we will be able to look after all of your drinking water requirements.

Blue Mountain Water offers you an excellent choice of water cooler models, ranging from mains fed water coolers, bottled water coolers and desktop water dispensers, guaranteeing that the water dispenser you require blends in to your working environment with ease and efficiency.

Our friendly and professional service team will deliver your spring water direct to your water dispenser all part of our comprehensive service.

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Water Cooler & Dispenser Rental

At Blue Mountain Water we make a commitment to every customer to deliver the best possible water cooler rental service. As part of our customer commitment we spot check & inspect the water coolers for hygiene, appearance and suitability.

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Bottled Water Delivery’s

Blue Mountain Water has one of the most dedicated water delivery teams in the UK with daily drops in most areas our service can’t be beaten.

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Maintenance & Sanitisations

Blue Mountain Water’s sanitisation and filtration service ensures that your water coolers are safe to drink from.

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Kalix Contactless

The Kalix Contactless is a fully contactless mains-fed cooler, using advanced infrared sensors for an accessible, hygienic activation. Eliminating the traditional touch-button; Kalix Contactless prevents the cross-contamination of pathogens and viruses.

  • Contactless, infrared sensor activation
  • Safety feature for hot water: Additional sensor on the side for hot water activation
  • Large alcove for refilling sports bottles & carafes
  • Front door panel allows for easy access to filters
  • Pressure Vessel Direct Chill technology
  • Integrated cup dispenser
  • Optional factory installed green filter system
  • Optional Mechanical Autodrain

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Why Choose Blue Mountain Water

Over 25 Years Service

The company has built up a reputation for excellent customer service with a personal approach.

No Call Centres

All calls are answered by fully trained staff within 5 seconds.

Clear Communication

Our open plan office allows for clear communication between departments.

Short Term Cooler Rental

Ideal for exhibitions or events, with prompt delivery & a set up service.

Genuine Parts

Our certified parts are reliable and significantly impact the lifespan of your machines.

Unlimited Call Outs

You’ll get unlimited call-outs included with your cover without it costing you any extra.

Biannually Inspection

Routine inspections are conducted twice a year to keep your machine in fully working order.


All our service engineers are trained in hygiene and installation.

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