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How many of us have worked in offices over the course of the last decade ? (many of us have!)

Or even if you have visited offices, you will undoubtedly have noticed the rise of the office water cooler. While, ten years ago, you might have noticed one or two, in the modern office, there will be several coolers within the confines of each section, ensuring there’s never any need for an office worker to be thirsty. The reason for this is the vast array of research that has demonstrated the many benefits of drinking plenty of water.

One suggestion is that increasing one’s intake of water can help to reduce weight.

Although there have been mixed findings in studies on the subject. There is, however, agreement that frequent trips to the office water cooler are beneficial to health in general and, as a Guardian report has suggested, can combat ‘fatigue, reduced energy levels and hunger-like feelings’, resulting in a reduced likelihood of overeating and therefore leading to improved feelings of well-being. Furthermore, it has been found that increased hydration raises the metabolism, as dehydration causes the liver to be unable to metabolise fat as efficiently as usual because it assumes some of the workload of the kidneys. Ensuring sufficient levels of hydration enables all the organs to carry out their usual functions to their maximum capability, indirectly leading to weight loss or simply maintenance of a healthy weight.

With regards to weight loss, there is another way that water can help those trying to consume fewer calories. It is common for the body to misinterpret thirst as hunger, triggering a desire to eat, therefore, by drinking adequate quantities of water, it is possible to stave off hunger pangs or reduce food intake without too much discomfort. Indeed, according to Wikipedia, research has shown that those who drink water shortly before a meal are likely to eat ‘75 to 90 fewer calories per meal’, which could lead to a significant weight loss if this habit were to be maintained over a long period.

As the human body consists of 60 per cent or more water, those who wish to maintain a good level of health should make regular trips to their office water cooler and reap the benefits with virtually no additional effort.

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