CO₂ Gas Bottles

To produce carbonated water, you need to have a reliable source of food grade CO2 gas.

We are able to provide you with two solutions, both of which have been engineered to fit discretely inside the front compartment of our carbonated coolers.

You can choose from refillable or disposable cylinders.

When installed in a carbonated cooler, the refillable 1.5 kg CO2 cylinder will produce approximately 250 litres of carbonated water whereas the 1.2 kg disposable cylinder will produce approximately 200 litres.

Pressure regulators are available for each cylinder type.

Typical analysis mg/l:

  • The total max height of CO2
  • bottle that can be fitted inside the compartment is 560mm incl CO2 Regulator
  • The max diameter of the CO2 bottle is 135mm
  • Larger CO2 bottles must be installed outside the cooler

Threads on CO2 cylinders to connect pressure regulator:

  • Refillable: W21,8×1/14” right – according to DIN 477 no. 6
  • Disposable: M11x1
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