Bottle Cover 19 Litre

Blue Nylon PVC bottle cover suitable for 19 litre water bottles. Designed to block out the sun and prevent the bottle from going green, which keeps the water fresh.

The fabric water bottle cover is foremost a functional addition for use on bottle water dispensers. The blue cover or hood easily slips over the water bottle after it has been placed on to the water dispenser, this will prevent the growth of “Green Algae” which is caused by the bottle being exposed to both direct and non-direct sunlight.

Green Algae can alter the taste of drinking water, although it is non-toxic and harmless to humans it is not desirable to look at.

The Fabric bottle cover also helps protects user’s clothes against dust or grime which may be present on the outer plastic of the bottle when left in storage or during transport.

The fabric bottle cover will also halt the growth of other more sinister toxic algae’s caused by water being left in sunlight including cyanobacterial toxins.


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