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Electronic instantaneous water heaters

  • Electronically controlled instantaneous electric water heaters for supplying single or multiple outlets
  • The most energy efficient way of directly heating water electrically
  • Highly efficient bare wire heating system
  • Zero standing heat loss as no stored water
  • Instant hot water
  • Provides a constant supply of hot water at exactly the temperature selected
  • Heating power electronically adjusted to compensate for variable inlet pressures and temperatures
  • Suitable for use with pre-heated water from solar heating systems.

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  • Can provide a constant supply of hot water to one or more outlets.
  • The heating element switches on automatically when the minimum flow rate is exceeded and switches off when flow rate reduces below the minimum.
  • Regulates power consumption electronically depending on supply water temperature and flow rate to achieve the required outlet temperature.
  • Also regulates power consumption based on outlet temperature to ensure precise temperature control irrespective of fluctuations in voltage and water pressure.
  • Power rating can be selected at the time of installation.
  • Bare wire heating system ensures fast response for immediate, energy efficient delivery of hot water.
  • Enables selection of two pre-programmed temperature settings.
  • Provides visible indication when the heating power available is unable to achieve the required temperature at the selected flow rate.
  • Maximum inlet temperature of 70°C is suitable for use with pre-heated water from solar heating systems.