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Treat yourself to energy savings with Zip Hydroboil Plus, used by millions around the world each day.

Saves time

No more time wasted waiting for water to boil – Zip gives boiling water instantly, at the touch of a tap.

Saves space

No cluttered worktops – Zip instant boiling water eliminates the need for kettles and exposed power leads.

Saves money

Costs little to run – thanks to energy-efficient design and electronic controls to minimise power consumption.

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New electronic Zip Hydroboil Plus:

cuts energy consumption 5 ways

1. Steam-Heat-Boost System
Steam from stored boiling water is recycled within all Zip Hydroboil products to pre-heat incoming cold water. A patented metering tube accurately controls the flow of pre-heated water into the boiling chamber, to maintain stored water within 1°C of the set temperature.

2. Power-Pulse™* energy-saving technology
New Power-Pulse energy-saving technology reduces power consumption dramatically. Power-Pulse applies full power to heat boiling water only during heavy-usage periods. Power-Pulse cuts back to micro-pulse power during light usage periods, or when unused. Power-Pulse also maintains boiling water temperature more precisely than ever before. Power-Pulse is the latest in electronic control technology, and is exclusive to Zip world wide. *Up to 25 litres capacity

3. Inactivity sleep mode
Following a period of 2 or 4 hours non-use Hydroboil Plus automatically enters sleep mode when the unit powers down allowing the water temperature to gradually reduce to 65°C, at which it is maintained. Upon further draw off boiling resumes.

4. Low light sleep mode
An integral light detector automatically activates sleep mode (as above) when room lights are switched off, returning to normal operation when the next draw off occurs or the lighting is switched back on. This energy saving instant boiling water feature is a world first for Zip.

5. Integral 24 hour 7 day timer
Switches system off automatically during known periods of inactivity e.g. overnight or at weekends, returning to full functionality ahead of the next expected demand.