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When you're looking for an instant boiling water heater for temporary accommodation such as site sheds or short term tenancies, choose the Zip Econoboil.

Delivery Rate Up to 30 cups at a time Recovery Rate Up to 140 cups/hour. Case Corrosion-resitant white powder coated steel. Tap Two way, chrome plated, classic catering style tap.

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  • Functional instant boiling water heater.
  • Patented twin chamber technology separating the incoming cold water supply from the boiling chamber.
  • Patented steam-heat boost feature pre-heats mains water in the cistern prior to entry into the boiling tank.
  • Designed to maintain water within 1oC of set point. Factory set to 98oC.
  • Inbuilt temperature controls that will automatically cut off the power in the event of temperature control failure, boil dry cut-out or a blocked vent pipe.
  • Copper main tank with stainless steel cistern.
  • Provision for service access to the boiling chamber.

Heating element
Long-life incoloy sheathed embedded rod type.

Capillary type.

White only.

Tortine insulation.

Safety features
Thermal cut-out integral to heating element; thermal cut-out on vent tube.