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The range includes three models with different performance levels: 65 l/h, 120l/h and 180 l/h

Niagara SL was designed as an all-encompassing product, capable of housing both integral components and accessories alike; simply connect it to the water mains to begin using the complete service. Its distinctive features make it a valid alternative to bottled water, instantly dispensing large amounts of still and sparkling, chilled and room-temperature water.

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The Niagara water drinking fountain or bottle filler is an extremely robust piece of equipment, designed to fill water sports bottles or jugs quickly & effortlessly. The water cooler has a steel case, making it one of the sturdiest units on the market, ideal for heavy traffic areas. The sturdy reinforced chassis and tamper proof taps will make sure this machine runs trouble free.

The water cooler provides chilled water on demand due to its “Direct Chill” technology, allowing the water to be chilled as it flows through the machine.

The easy wipe stainless steel case makes this machine perfect for schools.

Also available in sparkling version.