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The elegant brushed steel and aluminium cabinet with the piano black top and bottom design is a beautiful complement to any decor.

The ENKI Water Cooler was designed by Jacob Jenson as a tribute to the vitalising effects of water. It is a slim, elegant and user friendly POU dispenser which creates an image of purity and hygiene.

  • The only water cooler with no front or back.
  • Cooling capacity of 40 litres per hour.

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Pure water – from a fountain

ENKI is a slim, elegant and user-friendly POU water cooler, which creates an image of freshness, purity and hygiene. It is designed by the famous Danish design company Jacob Jensen Design to stand freely and be visible – just like a water fountain.

ENKI is a POU water cooler with a coherent design, ready to take on a prominent place in the reception, at the office or in the restaurant.

Pure water – to fulfil your needs
ENKI distinguishes itself through superior design and materials. ENKI can be operated from two sides and both sides have an elegant finger touch display. In the centre of the cooler, a soft glow lights up the water. The water cooler is made from the best possible materials.


The water cooler ENKI has been designed by Jacob Jensen Design as a tribute to the vitalizing effects of water. ENKI is the God of Water in the old Mesopotamia and also the name of the largest temple in that area. The water cooler ENKI has been designed from the ambition of providing water in beautiful and inviting settings, and to honour the element that brings energy and vitality to man as he faces new challenge


Every generation has its pioneers. People striving to change the way we see and experience our surroundings. We meet those people in music, art, science and in our everyday life.
Jacob Jensen is one of those people. Throughout 50 years he has contributed to our understanding and appreciation of how things surrounding us can be. With a unique and classic design Jacob Jensen has shown us that Hi-fi music systems, telephones, watches, cars, modems, wind turbines and many other everyday items are able to contain a simple and pure beauty.

This innovative force places Jacob Jensen Design among the world’s most respected design companies. The company has received more than 100 international awards and is represented in museums all over the world. 19 products designed by Jacob Jensen are currently displayed at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York).