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Borg & Overstrom Classic B2

The Borg & Overstrom B2 water cooler is a contemporary style water dispenser to enhance your environment.

The Borg & Overstrom B2 is firmly recognized as a market favourite, the Borg mains fed water cooler offers the best of traditional point-of-use technology. This cooler is clean, sleek and pleasing to look at, it will fit into a professional office environment with ease. The Borg cooler offers a solution to an all year round cooler, keeping staff cool with cold water in the summer and hot water to keep them energized in the winter.  

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Freestanding Bottle Fed (mm) Freestanding Mains Fed (mm) Countertop Bottle Fed (mm) Countertop Mains Fed (mm)
H: 1060 x W: 325 x D: 365 H: 1060 x W: 325 x D: 365 H: 475 x W: 325 x D: 365 H: 475 x W: 325 x D: 365

Auto temperature controller that acts as a thermostat to ensure the Cold Water Temperature stays between 5ºc to 11ºc and the Hot Water Temperature stays at a consistent 94ºc when required.

Advanced adjustable water block protection, this device automatically switches off the water flow into machine if leakage detected. Leakages are not common, but if your machine is not maintained correctly this can occur.