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New VersaFiller P8EBQY Electronic (Contactless)

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The QUASAR VersaFiller is a Hydration Station Combo of a QUASAR VersaFiller Bottle Filler and Versacooler Drinking Fountain. QUASAR VersaFiller P8EBQY is an Electronic (Touch Free) Surface Mount bottle filler with a refrigerated VersaCooler Drinking Fountain.

QUASAR VersaFiller Electronic (Touch Free) surface mount bottle filler. Includes an electronic sensor for a no touch activation and a 30 second shut off timer. QUASAR bottle filler shall have UVC-LED treatment at the dispense point, which disinfects the water while it is being dispensed. UVC-LED also cycles on periodically to keep the dispense point sanitized between dispenses.

Key VersaFiller bottle filler molded components shall contain Freshield, which utilizes a silver-based antimicrobial compound that reduces the growth of micro-organisms and mildew to protect the surfaces from discoloration, odours and degradation.

Versacooler P8ACY is a Manually Activated WallMounted Drinking Fountain. Delivering 60LPH of 10°C water at 21°C ambient. It is Manually Activated with a push of one of the four antimicrobial copper push pads.

The water-saving bubbler reduces waste water by 50% and shall have flexible guard and operate between 1.3 and 6.9 Bar.

Cabinet finish is brushed stainless steel. Shall use R-134a refrigerant. Complies with ANSI A117.1 and ADA. Shall comply with all relevant CE directives (LVD , EMC, RoHS). Shall comply with ANSI/NSF 61.

Suitable for public building, gymnasiums, sports complexes, hospitals, schools, and offices