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Bibo Water – Cool Blue

Designed specifically for the UK, it sits discreetly on any surface.

It’s time for a new way to think about water at work.

Bibo Colors

Dimensions (mm): H 350 x W 300 x D 325

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BIBO is a multi-stage water filtration system that dispenses instant boiling and chilled water. Designed specifically for the UK, it sits discreetly on the work surface and fits neatly under all overhead kitchen cupboards.

Multi-stage Filtration

Make your own bottled water at work, many people are looking for a more convenient, more environmentally-friendly alternative to bottled water. As Bob Geldof has said, “Getting water from the other side of the world and transporting it to sell here is ridiculous.” Why not consider making your own instead? BIBO filters your tap water using a multi-stage filtration system and then delivers it directly into your cup or glass, boiling or chilled. The filtration system is made up of a number of elements. BIBO’s MAXI filter cartridge removes chlorine from water to make it taste great. BIBO then intensively cleans your water, to remove traces of pesticides, heavy metals and many other contaminants. Finally a powerful UV filter ensures the water is completely free from bacteria. The processes your tap water undergoes in BIBO are similar to those undertaken by the best water bottling companies – we’ve simply miniaturised it and added the convenience of chilled and boiling water.

How the Bibo works

The BIBO simply connects to your office water supply and filters your water using a multi-stage filtration system. BIBO then boils and chills the water, maintaining its temperature and quality, meaning that water for hot and cold drinks is ready instantly. The BIBO office water cooler is very energy efficient costing just a few pence per day to run. Its uses are endless.

The BIBO is controlled by a simple-to-use touch screen panel. You simply press the icon representing boiling, chilled and ambient water and the BIBO instantly dispenses the water of your choice. The touch screen panel shows you what the BIBO is doing, and also allows you to control the menu system, timers, child lock and temperatures of the water.

BIBO_LEARNBIBO’s dimensions

BIBO takes up only slightly more counter space than a kettle and yet delivers so much more, by also giving you back the space in your fridge taken up by a filter jug or bottled water.

Complete Water Quality

BIBO’s commitment to water purity is second to none. The BIBO dispenser & fittings are all fully industry-accredited.
Conformite Europeenne
BIBO carries a CE mark (Conformite Europeenne) which is a manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. Internationally-recognised, it also has a UL Mark for Asia & reaches the exacting ISI-1505 standard. European Point of Use Drinking Water Association BIBO installers are accredited by the European Point of Use Drinking Water Association (EPDWA). The EPDWA promotes, develops and maintains the highest standards of hygiene, safety and ethics within the European drinking water dispenser industry, to the benefit of customers. This includes annual auditing of members’ systems and operational standards as well as stringent training and accreditation for all technical staff.

Technical specs

Full colour 2.8” TFT screen with pictorial information, fully programmable on-screen menu system and visual feedback.
Full colour temperature and dispense indicators.
Touch-screen interface.

Precision control
Control all water temperatures to within 1 deg C: chilled, boiling & ambient.
Control all water dispense functions for your particular mug, glass or cup: one-touch operation.
Control all BIBO functions from a central menu system: set sleep timers, on/off timers, child lock, audible feedback, language and time/date.

Water output
7 litres, or 30 x 250ml cups per hour of chilled water.
15 litres, or 60 x 250ml cups per hour of hot water.

Superb quality water filtration
Multi-stage filtration, triple protection – make your own bottled water:
UV filter lamp technology: UV light is capable of killing microbiological contaminants in your water – microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, moulds, algae, yeast and cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia.
Silver impregnated carbon block micro filter technology: The closely controlled pore structure and consistent pore size of BIBOs filters will remove a wide range of water-borne contaminants over the life of the filter. The incorporation of silver locked within the carbon structure gives the filter enhanced bacterioistatic properties.
All BIBO filters are manufactured according to the highest standards of international quality assurance procedures, which ensure consistent product quality, with full batch traceability in operation.

Powerful but efficient
BIBO is 230 Volts, 50 Hertz, 1,700 Watts, 10 Amps but operates for as little as 15p per day in electricity consumption.

Changing Your Filters

It’s really easy to change your filters and your BIBO Classic will remind you when they’re due.

You need to change your Maxi Filter Cartridge every 6 months and your UV Lamp once a year.

Your Filter Pack contains your yearly supply of filters.

Cleaning Your Hot Tank

A High proportion of the UK population live in hard water areas. That’s why we recommend regularly cleaning your hot tank to protect your BIBO from symptoms of limescale.

Symptoms to look out for are:

The hot water will dispense more slowly
The hot tank will continue to dispense briefly after you touch the key to stop
The rear section of your drip tray will slowly fill from the hot tank overflow each time the tank re-heats
Excessive dripping from the dispense nozzles whilst heating

We recommend descaling your hot tank every 6 months, even if your BIBO isn’t presenting any of the symptoms above. This helps prevent limescale build ups which may cause your BIBO harm in the future.