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ArcticStar 55

Modern (No Electronics!) manual pushbutton dispensing. High reliability. Attractive light blue splash back and drip tray grill. Floor standing Good dispensing height for bottles. Hot & Cold Coolers have a Booster Button and ECO mode to save electricity.

POU Cooler option available

Bottled Cooler option available

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Freestanding Bottle Fed (mm) Freestanding Mains Fed (mm) Countertop Bottle Fed (mm) Countertop Mains Fed (mm)
H: 1165 x W: 340 x D: 340 H: 1135 x W: 340 x D: 340 H: 463 x W: 340 x D: 340 H: 460 x W: 340 x D: 340

Reliable, manual
push down taps. Tamper
and break resistant. Hot tap
with safety lock.

Booster Buttons
Hot water booster button
to raise the temperature
from 92°C to 95/96°C.
Good for tea!

ECO Sensor
ECO sensor turns the boiler
off when the office lights
are switched off. Saves up to
25% in electricity!

Simple Conversion
Easily convertible from
bottled to POU. The bottle
top includes Spil Guard
leak protection.

Drip Tray
The drip tray can be
connected to mains
drainage. This can include
a pump to pump the waste
up to 150m and 3m high
(factory installed)

Cowling to fix the cooler
securely to the wall –
supplied separately.

SIP Automatic 24/7 ozone
sanitising with sleep
mode. Reduces sanitising
callouts by 50% and energy
consumption by 40% –
factory installed.