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Design, sturdiness and efficiency

Aquality POU, the new efficient and solid point of use water cooler, is simple to run and maintain. The product offers great flexibility in terms of available cooling technology and finishes; three different cooling systems, skinplate or stainless steel cover and a wide range of compatible filters. The simple and clean lines of the design and the dominance of metal give the product a modern, technological appearance.

Dimensions (mm): H 1120 x W 334 x D 330

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Anti-bacterial UV system
The UV rays protect the dispensing area – which is exposed to environmental pollution – preventing bacterial proliferation in this area. Thanks to its ultraviolet rays, the anti-bacterial UV system placed close to water dispensing spouts prevents the introduction of bacteria from the external environment, keeps the machine hygienic and stops the spread of micro-organisms.
Our commitment to hygiene is evidenced by our efforts to develop products with protected taps and controls placed at a distance from the dispensing point.Aquality is a refined water cooler with a contemporary design.
The sturdiness of the materials and cutting-edge technology makes this product a champion of efficiency and reliability.
This model is available with either an ice bank or tank cooling system to guarantee an optimal balance of efficiency and functionality.

Wide range
Available with either an ice bank or tank cooling system to guarantee an optimal balance of efficiency and functionality.

Sturdiness and reliability
The external metal casing available with either skinplate and stainless steel, provides sturdiness and makes the product suitable for use in environments subject to stringent hygienic requirements.

Types of water available
Chilled water is available on all models, together with options of room temperature, Sparkling water and hot water.

The lack of external taps, the protected dispensing point located well away from the control panel and the integrated cup dispenser guarantee optimal hygiene, thus avoiding acterial contamination from outside

Water taste and quality can be improved by fitting filters which are capable of eliminating sediment and chlorine. In addition to the traditional filter systems used to remove unpleasant odours and tastes, antibacterial filters and descalers may also be fitted.

Cooling systems
Possibility of selecting the most suitable product for one’s own needs; reservoir cooling or direct chill cooling systems.

Cold carbonation allows for obtaining sparkling water characterised by an intense, lasting taste. The CO2 cylinder is housed inside the machine, on the lateral side, and can be easily accessed through the flap on the side.

Hot water reservoir
The hot water reservoir – available in the stainless steel pressure version or plastic inspectable version – allows for heating water to the ideal temperature for preparing excellent teas and herbal teas.

Maximum safety
The safety valve prevents loss of water due to potential failures occurring inside the machine.

Reservoir Cooling
This is the classic system which stands out for its simplicity of operation. It is particularly suitable where there is a high consumption of water and in those countries where higher temperatures affect cooling capacity.
Water carried from the mains, in point of use water coolers, or from the bottle, in bottled water coolers, is conveyed through pipes to the tank where it is cooled by the cooling system. The tank is insulated with expanded polystyrene to maintain low temperatures.

Direct Chill
This is a practical, simple and very effective way of cooling water quickly; the water never remains still but continuously flows from the water mains to the water dispensing point, thus limiting bacterial proliferation and guaranteeing high hygiene standards.
Water from the water mains passes through a stainless steel coil, which is in close contact with another coil – a copper evaporator – containing the cooling gas. The cold produced by the cooling gas is transmitted by conduction to the coil through which the drinking water flows, thus cooling it down.
The stainless steel coil through which the water passes is close to, but separated from, the copper coil. This ensures that, in the event of a breakdown, the cooling gas does not mix with the drinking water.

Cold carbonation
This is the best available technology for producing carbonated water with a strong, lasting taste.
A pump drives water through the carbonation device converting it into a “spray” as a consequence of the pressure. At the same time, CO2 (food grade carbon dioxide) is introduced into the carbonation device at a pressure of between 3 and 4 bars. Within the carbonation device, the molecules of CO2 join with the molecules of water producing carbonated water of the highest quality.

Reservoir heating
This is a simple and efficient system for heating water from the mains or from the bottle whilst keeping electrical consumption in check.
Water from the mains, in point of use water coolers, or from the bottle, in bottled water coolers, is conveyed through pipes to the insulated hot water tank where it is heated by a stainless steel heating element. A thermostat ensures that the water is maintained at a constant temperature, operating only when necessary.