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The 4400 cooler combines proven reliability, functionality and increased hygiene with outstanding design and elegance.

The 4400 mains fed water cooler is a premium water cooler that combines style with outstanding performance. Featuring HygieneGuard. The new HygieneGuard tap covers reduce the risk of contact contamination. The most critical hygiene area is undoubtedly the tap, which often gets contaminated through user hand contact.

  • A silver impregnated plastic tap cover is designed to stop bacterial growth from contact contamination.
  • The HygieneGuard tap cover can easily be replaced.
  • Modern push and hold solenoid taps replace the old fashioned manual taps.
  • The push and hold action prevents leaving the tap running by mistake whilst operating as a safety tap mechanism at the same time.
  • The spouts of the solenoid taps are protected by the new HygieneGuard tap covers. Their silver impregnation is designed to prevent hand to tap bacterial contamination.

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Freestanding Bottle Fed (mm) Freestanding Mains Fed (mm) Countertop Bottle Fed (mm) Countertop Mains Fed (mm)
H: 1135 x W: 340 x D: 340 H: 1135 x W: 340 x D: 340 H: 460 x W: 340 x D: 340 H: 460 x W: 340 x D: 340