Blue Mountain Water - Water Cooler Rental and Water Delivery


 No Call Centres.

 All calls answered by fully trained staff within 5 seconds.

 Clear Communication.

 Open plan office allows for clear communication between departments.

 Water When You Want It.

 Tailor made automatic orders or call for swift delivery.

 Dedicated Account Manager.

 Easy to reach contact (0800 071 0010 &

 Immediate Response.

 Deal with all emergencies immediately, most of which can be resolved over the telephone by our fully trained staff.

At Blue Mountain Water we are dedicated to our customers, and that means providing you with the coolest, freshest spring water – and keeping it on tap at all times with our outstanding water cooler services.

We offer local support, so if you do need to call us for any reason, you won’t find yourself speaking to a call centre about your water cooler services. Support will always come from us direct.