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Water coolers vs taps

Having a water cooler in your workplace has a number of benefits over a standard tap…

  • Having a prominent water cooler can promote hydration. Studies have found that if water is visible people drink more of it.
  • Most coolers also offer ambient and hot water, allowing your staff the choice of hydrating with hot or cold beverages.
  • The water is filtered, making it superior to tap water.
  • Many people prefer the taste of filtered and cooled water, which also encourages them to drink more.

The benefits of increased hydration for staff

Encouraging hydration for your staff can benefit both you and them! Drinking water has a wealth of benefits, and proper hydration leads to:

  • Increased concentration.
  • Improved brain function and alertness.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Reduced likelihood of fatigue and headaches.

Bottle fed vs plumbed-in water cooler

If you’re deliberating between a plumbed-in and bottle fed water cooler, a plumbed-in cooler could be right for you if:

  • You have access to mains water and a power source.
  • You use a lot of water. Plumbed-in water coolers can be more convenient and more economical for high-use environments such as gyms, schools, production facilities or hospitals.
  • You need an unlimited water supply.
  • Lifting or storing water bottles is difficult for you.


We all know the effects of drinking water to your health. To some of you who are having a hard time drinking the right amount of water everyday there are ways to make it more interesting.Scroll down below to find out how you can make Your Drinking Water More Interesting!


Day spas and high-end salons have taken to filling their pitchers with slices you’d usually see resting on eyelids: piles of bright green cucumber . And with good reason. The resulting flavor is refreshing, and refreshingly different. And it may help you in the bedroom: The scent of cucumber has been found to increase vaginal blood flow in women by up to 13 percent, increasing libido.


Grab a bottle of sparkling water for the bubbly feeling of a soft drink without the calories. If it’s too bland, add a twist of lime or a splash of sugar-free fruit juice, says David Jack, director of Teamworks Fitness in Acton, MA . “I love this with cranberry or pomegranate juice,” Jack says. “You can add a few dashes of each of those, and maybe a bit of lemon, lime, or orange rind.” Try different combinations to keep things interesting, or to find your signature seltzer refresher.


Choose any of the innumerable varieties of teas and herbal drinks, not only to stay hydrated, but also to reap piles of benefit for your body. Black tea contains catechins, flavonoids that can improve cardiovascular health and may help prevent cancer. Green tea lowers your risk of heart disease, reduces your risk of lung cancer, and can help your body burn fat more easily—the polyphenols in the tea appear to work with caffeine to increase calorie burn.

And take advantage of herbal teas’ many properties. Sage tea can help with excessive perspiration. Chamomile can help control blood pressure, and ease digestion and gas. Ginger tea can soothe your stomach and ease arthritis pain.


Warm up in winter with a vegetable or chicken broth, or a light soup, says Jack. “Broth is a great hydrator, and you’re getting all those nutrients—vitamins from the vegetables, and protein from the chicken, if you add it,” he says.


You don’t have to brew herbs to enjoy their flavor. Add powdered or freshly sliced ginger, bruised mint leaves, or lemongrass to amp up your H2O . Or go floral. Lavender and rose hips are loaded with vitamin C and may help ease arthritis pain.


You’ve tried lemon and lime. Time to diversify: Add antioxidants found in sliced berries, suggests Devon Metz, founder of Fit Health Into Life in Boulder, CO. Or try what’s on sale or in season: cherries, mango, pineapple, oranges, watermelon—anything to add flavor, vitamins, and antioxidants. Can’t get fresh fruit? Just as with seltzer, try a splash—a quarter cup or less—of fruit juice for flavor with few calories.


Freeze some fruit juice into ice cubes to add flavor that releases slowly in your water. Or drop some fresh berries or sliced grapes into your ice cube trays, or use frozen berries as if they were cubes. Changing just the texture of your cubes can create a new experience, if not taste, says Jack. So trade cubed for crushed, or vice versa.


As part of the best-selling Flat Belly Diet, dieters stay hydrated with this stomach-soothing recipe for Sassy Water. It combines fresh ginger, cucumber, lemon, and spearmint for a belly-pleasing (and slimming) cocktail.


If you’re on a diet, fill up with a tall glass of water in place of more food. Or “eat more fruit,” says Alan Aragon, MS, a nutritionist in Westlake Village, CA. “Fruits are 80 to 90% water, and you’re getting a bunch of good nutrition that people tend to miss in their diets—potassium, fiber, folate, vitamin A, vitamin C.” Vegetables will do the trick too. Aragon suggests a salad of tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cucumbers, and other water-rich greens.


If downing water all day is what bores you, try treating it as a meal—or, better yet, three meals, says Aragon. “Have three square water meals per day. Drink water to comfortable fullness three times daily,” he says. On colder days, it might be less; on warmer days, more. But comfortable fullness should be enough to stay hydrated. “And this will lower the amount of calories you eat for roughly an hour afterward.”


If you’re working out, says Aragon, sip slowly throughout your sweat session. If you go to the water fountain briefly between each exercise, you’ll drink plenty for the day. Or bring your own bottle of water to the gym.


Simply change the way you drink water—out of a glass instead of a bottle, for example—says Jack. Or drink it at a different temperature. “If you change the temperature, you can change the experience, and that can be enough,” Jack says. Plus, “cold water takes longer to drink.” If you want to down it faster—to get your water-intake over with—drink it at room temperature instead of icy cold.


Make your water extra “cool” by adding flavor to your ice cube tray. Add things like mint, cucumber, or fresh fruit to your usual tray, then plunk these funky cubes into your water glass. Or consider making cubes out of juice, coffee, or tea.

coffee-cup-water-glass-Optimized How many of us have worked in offices over the course of the last decade ? (many of us have!)

Or even if you have visited offices, you will undoubtedly have noticed the rise of the office water cooler. While, ten years ago, you might have noticed one or two, in the modern office, there will be several coolers within the confines of each section, ensuring there’s never any need for an office worker to be thirsty. The reason for this is the vast array of research that has demonstrated the many benefits of drinking plenty of water.

One suggestion is that increasing one’s intake of water can help to reduce weight.

Although there have been mixed findings in studies on the subject. There is, however, agreement that frequent trips to the office water cooler are beneficial to health in general and, as a Guardian report has suggested, can combat ‘fatigue, reduced energy levels and hunger-like feelings’, resulting in a reduced likelihood of overeating and therefore leading to improved feelings of well-being. Furthermore, it has been found that increased hydration raises the metabolism, as dehydration causes the liver to be unable to metabolise fat as efficiently as usual because it assumes some of the workload of the kidneys. Ensuring sufficient levels of hydration enables all the organs to carry out their usual functions to their maximum capability, indirectly leading to weight loss or simply maintenance of a healthy weight.


With regards to weight loss, there is another way that water can help those trying to consume fewer calories. It is common for the body to misinterpret thirst as hunger, triggering a desire to eat, therefore, by drinking adequate quantities of water, it is possible to stave off hunger pangs or reduce food intake without too much discomfort. Indeed, according to Wikipedia, research has shown that those who drink water shortly before a meal are likely to eat ‘75 to 90 fewer calories per meal’, which could lead to a significant weight loss if this habit were to be maintained over a long period.

As the human body consists of 60 per cent or more water, those who wish to maintain a good level of health should make regular trips to their office water cooler and reap the benefits with virtually no additional effort.

Big Water Drop

Drinking enough water each day can bring amazing results for our health & wellness. We are today neglecting basic requirements of our body and trying to compensate with other things that are only required and good when we are able to full-fill basic requirements of our body.

Water is a nutrition, a vital supplement to maintain body functions, still water is neglected, we have under-estimated the health benefits of drinking and using water. A number of our health problems are there because our body is struggling for water to carry its basic functions.

Water is the second most important requirement of living being after air.

Today we try to retain and maintain health by consuming multi-vitamin and multi-mineral tablets along with a number of products available in the market. We use these products because scientific researchers have shown that our basic food isn’t able to provide all the nutrition in optimum quantity that are required by our body to stay healthy.

Marketing firms with the help of Medical science and scientific discoveries sell these products and we use them because there is a lot of media hype about them.

Today most of the health problems that we face whether major or minor are somewhere related to our modern attitude. Whether its pollution or life-style, it’s all created by us.

Importance of Water in Human Body’s
Relationship between Water & Natural Health
I don’t think importance of water in our life needs any introduction. Our body can’t survive without water even for a week. Surface of our planet earth is 70% water (which supports life on this planet) and approx. 80% of our body consists of water. Some major roles of water in our body are:

1. Water plays a vital role in delivering nutrition & oxygen to different parts of our body.

2. Water helps in detoxifying the body, it removes wastes and toxins from our body.

3. Water helps in digestion.

4. Water helps in maintaining a healthy temperature in the body.

5. Water is important for normal functioning of our cells and tissues.
Drinking Water Therapy
Simple Steps to Benefit from Drinking Water At Home Everyday
Water is important not only to our body and health but it’s also plays an important role in everyday life. If we can’t get enough water either for drinking or for daily use in a day, we can assume what that day will mean to us.

Although we use water every day and still here in this article on Water Therapy it is said that our body isn’t getting enough water for working efficiently and naturally. The reason is we aren’t using/drinking water the way we should be drinking.

Drinking Water Therapy is said to cure and prevent a number of body malfunctioning called disease/health problem. Here are some simple looking but highly effective steps of Drinking Water Therapy. Don’t take these steps lightly because they are free and look too simple. Follow these basic steps of drinking water therapy according to your own convenience and body condition.

Note: Please don’t force anything too hard on yourself or your body, take time to gradually improve it.

1. Drink approx. 1.25 litres water every day when you get up in morning, before brushing teeth or doing anything else. Drink as much as you can. Initially it may trouble you a bit as frequent urination can take place or some other feelings may come. These are temporary and last only a few days. Don’t drink or eat anything for next 45 or 60 minutes.

2. Drink plenty of water approximately 60 minutes before your meals. This will clean your body system and improve digestion and appetite.

3. Don’t drink water during meals or immediately after the meals, wait for at least 1/2 hours. If you can’t stop yourself from drinking water during or immediately after the meals then reduce quantity to minimum. This will help in digestion and it will also prevent any gastro-intestinal related health problems.

4. Take your meals at least 1 or 2 hours before going to bed. This will also allow your body to digest food efficiently. Our body’s digestion system works better when we are awake, then during the sleep. Sleeping immediately after taking meals isn’t good for health and wellness.

Benefits of Water Therapy
A glimpse of role of water in our body.
Water therapy is a natural therapy to improve the functioning of our body by providing it what it longs for. There are numerous benefits of water therapy that have been reported and published.

How much benefits one can expect depends on present condition and health status of our body. We cannot expect to get benefit in a health problem that we are not suffering from. It all depends on how much we’ve deprived our body. Some of the health benefits of water therapy are also listed in a post on water therapy under heading.
We should adopt water therapy in our day to day life not because of a few listed benefits but because there are many other hidden benefits which aren’t listed and vary from person to person. We should also not forget that it’s a free and natural way to retain health and wellness.
Drink Water to Retain Health
Drink water instead of other drinks to retain and maintain health.
Drinking water is better than drinking any other drinks like tea, coffee, cold drink, energy drinks etc. We drink other drinks instead of water because they cost more money and are therefore are more privileged. If someone offers us water (instead of other drinks) then the offer won’t make sense to us.

Every drink has something to contribute to our body and we can even bring some benefits to our body from them. This can only be true when we are able to provide our body with enough water for its use. If we keep our body starved of water and supply it with other so called useful healthy drinks then it won’t be as effective as drinking water, which is commonly available at our homes.

Healthy drinks can provide more benefits to our body if it is getting all basic things in sufficient quantity like air, water and nutritious natural food. Today when marketers have access to our private life in the form of television, radio, internet, newspapers, books and magazines they are easily able to influence many things in our busy life. They can recommend food and drinks for people with certain symptoms without pointing to common things that can also be responsible for such symptoms like insufficient quantity of water in our body or lack of sleep. They will only tell things that help them to make more sales. Water therapy or drinking water for health is also one such common cause of concern.

We tell our children to drink milk, tonics for health but we are reluctant to provide them water without there asking. This is also the case with our own self. We only drink water when there is either no alternative or we have a strong desire for water.

Ignoring Water is… Ignoring Life!

Amazing Water Therapy
Amazing results of Water Therapy.
It’s not a hype that water therapy can provide amazing results to a number of people. There are people who call Water Therapy as a hype, explanation they provide for this assumption is based on the fact that ‘our body is capable of extracting water from our diet’ like fruits, vegetables, cooked food etc.

It is true that our body is able to extract water from our regular diets but today our diet is no more a natural diet, today our diet doesn’t contain enough water which can be extracted by our body. Our drinks are not balanced to provide enough water to our body.

Our modern lifestyle is actually responsible for this scarcity of water in our body, and water therapy can help us to restore water in our body and help it to function normally and thus we’ll see amazing results of water therapy.

It may look ludicrous that how normal functioning of our body with water therapy can bring amazing results. Well! May be we are not aware that a minute problem with functioning of body or body organ can create a big health problem. All serious or moderate health problems are a result of abnormal body function and if all body functions can be normalized then we can see an unexpected recovery of health immediately or in due course.