Free Water Cooler

ebac bottled coolerGet one of our refurbished bottled water coolers today for FREE.

The Ebac bottled freestanding water cooler specifications:

  • Stylish design and well suited to the modern office.
  • Very user friendly.
  • Bottle fed.
  • Ambient and cold water.
  • Integrated cup dispenser.
  • Adjustable thermostats.
  • freestanding.

Then just give us a call when you need some of our refreshing water delivered!

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Blue Mountain Spring Water is sourced from a 220ft-deep borehole on the edge of the Derbyshire town of Melbourne.

The very name of the historic town is associated with water – it is derived from “mill on the brook”.

Throughout history the area has been associated with water and subsequently fertility.

All of our water is bottled at one spring, and originates from an ancient source. Naturally cleaned water has been drawn from this source for hundreds of years.

Providing spring water sourced from The National Forest in Derbyshire you are sure to have a drink of premium quality water.

The National Forest is a national exemplar of sustainable development, developing how wide-ranged environmental, economic and social objectives can be achieved at a landscape-scale for present and future generations.