Liverpool Water Coolers & Water Dispensers

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Merseyside bottle water coolers

Water Cooler & Dispenser Rental

At Blue Mountain Water we make a commitment to every customer in Liverpool to deliver the best possible water cooler rental service.

Bottled Water Delivery’s

Blue Mountain Water has one of the most dedicated water delivery teams in Liverpool and Merseyside (North West) with water drops in most areas our service can’t be beaten.

Maintenance & Sanitisations

Blue Mountain Water’s sanitisation and filtration service ensures that your water coolers are safe to drink from.

Plumbed in water coolers

Mains Fed Water Coolers work as large filtration systems. They are plumbed into an existing water source filtering and cooling the water. The water passes through a system that filters the water, removing impurities. The obvious benefits over a bottled water cooler is that the the plumbed in cooler does not need refilling, so you don’t have to store water bottles. Once the plumbed in water cooler is up and running, you only need to get the filters changed every three months or so, it’s that easy! Mains Fed Water Coolers are also more practical for businesses that use a lot of water throughout the day, as you have no need of constant deliveries.

Bottle fed water coolers

With Blue Mountain Water Liverpool you can stay cool and refreshed in the summer and warm and cosy in the winter with one of our hot and cold bottle coolers.

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