Julz Adeniran

The best thing about Warm Weather Training Camp…

– Swapping the arctic fronts of England for tropics?

– The opportunity to concentrate fully on training and recovery?

– The timely stimulus before the start of the Outdoor season?

Answer: All of the above.

However, the part I enjoy the most is the chance to revert back to the lifestyle of a toddler – the good old days, when all meals were cooked for you, bills and domestic pressures were a blissful ignorance, and we could get away with taking naps in the middle of the day without guilt or judgement.

It’s really no wonder nursery children have so much energy, all they’re actually burdened with is running around in circles all day and building Lego airplanes until they drop. Jealous is an understatement, but by following their example it wasn’t at all surprising to see that quality of training noticeably improved whilst away in Tenerife. After all for two solid weeks circling the track and ‘playing with our toys’ in the gym were the only things asked of us.


Favourable weather, courtesy of the Sahara Desert’s currents, has also made the world of difference. *Moan Alert* let’s be honest, training sessions that regularly bring you to your knees with nausea are challenging enough without the unhelpful addition of numb toes, frozen tracks and burning lungs from cutting cold air. The 30°C heat does make sessions safer, but more than anything it simply makes for more enjoyable training. I mean which P.E. lessons did you prefer – the ones in the rain and frost, or the ones in the summer sun?

Another bonus of being on a Training Camp is the around the clock medical treatment available, a big shout-out to Simone Collio (pictured below) and his medical team for keeping me and many others in one piece whilst out here. We were fortunate enough to have Tecar technology on tap, a kind of ultrasound – don’t ask me how, but it certainly works! I was plagued by an Achilles niggle for most of the Camp so this proved to be my saving grace.


We’ve also been fortunate to be by joined by some friendly faces during our time out here, British and foreign athletes like Artur Noga (the Polish giant pictured up above), Eline Berings and Mike van Kruchten; friends I’ve been travelling and competing with since I was 17. It really makes for a great training environment when you’re surrounded by other like-minded athletes from around the world, and more to the point who wouldn’t want to share an ice-bath with Ivet Lalova! #justsaying

Sadly the Spanish love-affair with this tropical training paradise must come to an end. The start of the Outdoor season beckons, which means it’s time to start cashing the cheques we’ve been banking all winter, but rest assured it probably won’t be our last visit. Hasta luego Tenerife!