Julz Adeniran

Unsurprisingly my initial reaction upon learning my fate for the summer included lyrics slightly more explicit than “No, No, No”. But… having bide my time, I’m ecstatic to share that injury is no more *cue trumpet fanfare*! I have officially been given the green light to resume full training, some 8 months after the freak accident that ruled me out of Olympic contention.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, if injury is the worst thing about being a professional sportsman, then rehab is a close and cumbersome second! Admittedly it has been a challenging period to say the least, of course not helped by the year of its timing, but I am proud to have faced up to what can often be a harsh reality of professional sport. It would be remiss not to acknowledge that my rehabilitation back to full fitness has been a massive team effort; it took the time and effort of 4 physiotherapists, 3 coaches, 2 sports doctors, 2 consultants, as well as my sponsors and numerous friends & family. In fact, there are a bus load of people I must thank, but I’ll save you the Oscar speech for another time perhaps.

‘Opportunity through adversity’ has been the mantra that has seen me through this past year and a diamond in the rough that has surfaced is my partnering up with a new sponsor, HFS Clinics, a fantastic sports medical group based on Harley St and other London locations. Their expert team of practitioners will be helping me to stay in one piece along the ‘road to Rio’! If you have an ache, pain or sprain I couldn’t recommend their services highly enough! (click on the logo to check out their site).

Before the clocks bring in another year, I just wanted to say a Happy Belated Birthday to my BLOG: ‘Patiently Waiting for a Track to Explode On’. I’ve only just realised that I committed to starting and keeping it going well over a year ago now – how time flies when you’re having fun! I’ll be the first to say that there is nothing more annoying than stumbling across a narcissistic open diary of a wannabe track & field star, only to find that it’s only ever updated once in a blue moon. So thank you all for continuing to read my ramblings and share this journey with me, it’s been an interesting year hey! As long as you’re still reading I’ll keep musing from my soapbox – at regular intervals – promise!

As a side note, if you haven’t got a BLOG of your own I’d seriously suggest you think about getting one, I mean they’re great – kinda like an ever faithful and patient friend, who never judges you or steals the quilt from you in the middle of the night, but has no flees and doesn’t need feeding. Even better than a Tamagotchi. Think about it.

Happy New Year!!!